Our top 10 recipes of the year so far

Every week Bars and Clubs brings you a recipe, which usually come from a bar, bartender or brand we have spoken to recently, or an event we’ve attended.

As we begin the second half of 2020, as much as we want this year to ‘do one’ we thought we’d share with you the 10 most popular recipes of the year so far, just in case you missed one.


10. The Golden Rule – This cocktail is by Adam Dow of Dead Ringer in Sydney, and won him the Australian final of the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail competition.

9. Hello Kitty – A Japanese-influenced cocktails from The Rook team, Hello Kitty is a gin sour style drink with a pink hue.

8. The Gloom Lifter – we celebrated St Patrick’s Day with this classic with an Irish twist, from Bushmills ambassador Andy Ratcliff.

7. The Fox Hole’s French Martini – another twist on a classic, this one comes from Sydney bar The Fox Hole.

6. The Ginsecco – a refreshing summer take on the popular spritz and this one features the Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin.

5. Coretto – this recipe is from David Kaplan of Death & Co in New York, and was featured in the Death & Co takeover tour of three Australian Venue Co bars across the country earlier this year.

4. Paloma – it turns out that in fact the Paloma, not the Margarita, is Mexico’s most popular way of serving tequila in cocktail form.

3. Spicy Margarita with Tabasco – it may have been usurped by the Paloma in the tequila cocktail World Cup, but who doesn’t love a Margarita, and here’s one with a twist.

2. Bloody Jasmine – this amazing gin cocktail was created by Four Pillars by Sam Ng, and is our second most popular cocktail recipe of the year so far.

  1. Frosty Fruits – our most popular cocktail recipe of the year so far is a go-to summer cocktail and personal favourite of James Connolly, Group Bar Manager at ARK Group. On the menu at the Scarborough Beach Bar in Perth, it pays respects to an Aussie beachside treat. Tequila cocktails in positions 1, 2 and 3…
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