Is Darwin home to the world’s best Margarita?

As part of its program of events around International Margarita Day, Patrón has launched its search for the Patrón Perfectionists Margarita of the Year.

The search has tasked previous winners of the Patrón Perfectionists Cocktail Competition to create their perfect Margarita using everyday ingredients, so that the recipes can be recreated and then people can vote for their favourite.

Darwin’s Hot Tamale bar is home to two previous Patrón Perfectionists winners in David Robinson, who won in 2017 and Anneliese Grazioli who was Australia’s 2019 winner.

The pair each have an entry in the competition, along with around 40 other Margarita creations which are hosted on the Difford’s Guide website.

Matthew Sykes, Patrón’s Senior Director for Global Marketing said: “The Patrón Perfectionists Margarita of the Year represents a fantastic opportunity to showcase both the craft and creativity of our familia Patrón with an iconic and versatile cocktail like the Margarita.

“The bartender community is an essential partner in our pursuit to inspire consumers to try super premium tequila as they push the boundaries of creativity and raise the bar of possibilities one drink at a time. We are amazed at the brilliant work they have done and cannot wait to see what the public’s opinion will be.”

Anneliese said of her creation: “The Sunburnt Margarita was inspired by my home in the Northern Territory. The sun is unforgiving and it’s summer all year round.

“Each ingredient is inspired by flavours of the area whilst all complements the notes of Patrón Reposado to bring out a touch of agave with some sweet oak. The perfect Margarita on a hot, salty and summery day.”

As for David, he said: “The origin of the Beach Margarita is inspired by our amazing Aussie coastline. Our beautiful rugged surf coast. Both visually and flavours.

“In a typical Aussie way, it’s a fun drink, yet is delicious. Sweet baked agave and salt from the Patrón Blanco, paired with Marionette delicious blue curacao, which pumps out delicious Aussie mandarin and sweet orange and organic local limes make the base for our Beach Margarita.

“Add a hint of sweet agave and smoke with Del Maguey Vida & coconut, finished with a half salted rim, this is the taste of the Aussie surf coast.”

You can find all the Margaritas as well as details of how you can vote on the Difford’s Guide Margarita of the Year webpage.

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