How you can do your bit to help Melbourne’s bars

Whisky and Alement Credit James Morgan

Whatever parochial pride we all may have about our favourite cities and our favourite bars, no-one can deny that Melbourne is home to some of Australia’s best bars and nightlife.

What we never want to do is to say it ‘was once’ home to those bars. But the simple fact is the second lockdown and extended roadmap to recovery puts a lot of those bars and that amazing nightlife at risk.

We all need to do our bit, we all need to think more about how we can help, and then we need to bloody well do it.

There are a lot of reports that bottle shop spending in Australia is on the increase, and with on-premise venues in lockdown that is understandable. But here’s a thought, why not buy your next at-home drink from a bar in Melbourne and have it delivered. Plenty of Melbourne’s bars are delivering across Australia and they need your help. They need your support – now more than ever.

So here’s a look at some bars that are offering national delivery options. I’ll admit this list is not definitive, but it’s a starting point. If you’ve ever been to Melbourne and had an awesome time in an amazing bar, look it up, see if it is are delivering, see if it’s doing gift vouchers and give these bars some support and love.

We’re all in this together, so let’s love Melbourne.

Here’s some place you can help:

  • Meals for Hospo – The COVID-19 Employee Assistance Directive produces a range of chef-cooked, pre-packaged meals which are then distributed via contact-less delivery (within a 20km radius of the Melbourne CBD). All meals are free of charge. The team of volunteers cook, pack, and deliver 2000–3000 meals per week to unemployed hospitality workers, offering some relief and support in the form of nourishing meals and essential care packs.
  • Donate at the COVID-19 EAD Go Fund Me page here
  • Bar Americano – a range of bottled cocktails available nationwide
  • Beneath Driver Lane – a range of bottled cocktails available nationwide
  • Black Pearl – a range of bottled cocktails and gift vouchers available nationwide
  • Byrdi – a range of bottled cocktails and spirits available nationwide
  • Ends and Means – canned cocktails available, merch coming soon
  • Harley House – bar merch on offer
  • Hospo Threads – sells Merch and lists venues across Australia, including plenty in Melbourne
  • Romeo Lane – packaged cocktails and gift vouchers
  • The Everleigh Bottling Co – Bottled cocktails, gift sets and cocktail glassware
  • Whisky and Alement – Drams, spirits, Boilermakers, gift packs and vouchers
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