Grey Goose embraces French fashion for summer

Grey Goose has launched its 2019 Limited Edition bottle design as part of the Riviera Series, in collaboration with Parisian fashion label Maison Labiche.

This year is the third instalment of the Riviera series, an annual design variation that’s available for a limited time only and aimed at celebrating summer.

The 2019 bottle features deep blue waves embroidered with phrases including ‘Vivre le moment’ and ‘Live like summer never ends’ in the signature Maison Labiche cursive handwriting. Along with the bottle, Maison Labiche have created a hand-designed capsule collection of fashion and travel items, including a leather passport wallet, a range of unisex t-shirts and a beach towel.

Both the capsule collection and the bottle are said to be inspired by trips taken to the Côte d’Azur and the shores of Pampelonne beach in the French Riviera by Maison Labiche co-founders, Jean-Baptise Richard and Marie Welté. It complements the latest Grey Goose brand ethos, that encourages consumers to ‘Live Victoriously.’

Grey Goose and Maison Labiche have a shared French heritage, combining high quality craftsmanship that both their products are known for. Both brands also support the Live Victoriously ideal, with Welté saying it helped inspire the collaboration.

“Created as an ode to summer moments of celebration, the Riviera capsule collection extends our collaboration with Grey Goose beyond the limited-edition bottle design and into items designed for summer living,” Welté said.

“We feel synergies with the new Grey Goose Live Victoriously ethos – whilst we are a French luxury brand, we do not take ourselves too seriously and we look to inject fun, humour and savoir-faire into the phraseology that can be personalised onto each item.”

“The capsule collection reminds us all to celebrate the moments that matter during the summer – be it travelling for holidays or spending time with friends and loved ones closer to home.”

Of the collaboration, Grey Goose said there was a shared understanding of consumer demand for more authentic and relatable luxury brands. They said: “At its core, Live Victoriously recognises that you are the special occasion, and that every moment, big and small, is an opportunity to create a celebration.”

The Riviera series identifies that personal fulfilment is no longer achieved by simply impressing others, but rather by transforming moments into lifelong memories. The aim of the range is to help consumers make these transformations in style with the versatility of super premium vodka.

Of course, nothing screams summer louder than delicious refreshing cocktails, so Grey Goose and Maison Labiche have that covered too with the creation of a bespoke cocktail recipe. The ‘Paris to Pampelonne’ incorporates the tastes and scents of a summer on the French Riviera.

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