Closing in on Bacardi Legacy National Finals

The Australian finals of one of the world’s largest and most prestigious cocktail competitions is just around the corner, with the top three having just two weeks to go.

This year’s Australian final takes place in Melbourne on Tuesday 4 February, with Adam Dow of Dead Ringer in Sydney, Mikey Braun from Bodriggy Brewing Co in Melbourne and Natalie Ng of Door Knock in Sydney set to battle out for the national title.

The concept behind Bacardi Legacy was to the challenge the world’s best bartenders to create their own Legacy. Create a cocktail that will stand alongside Bacardi classics like the Daiquiri and the Mojito; one that will be part of the legacy of Don Facundo Bacardi Masso and his rum.

Since being named as Australia’s Top Three the successful bartenders have taken their cocktails around Australia, pushing a Legacy that is an important part of this competition.

“Adam, Mikey and Nat have promoted their cocktail throughout Australia and the world, getting as many people to taste, hear about and list their drink, proving it could become the next cocktail to last the test of time.” says Loy Catada who, along with fellow Bacardi Brand Ambassadors, Peter Hollands and Georgie Mann, who have personally mentored these competitors on their pursuit for a spot at the Global Final.

At the National Finals one winner will be selected based on the success of their Legacy cocktail and the overall promotional campaign they have carried out.

Adam, Mikey or Natalie will then prepare to compete for the ultimate title in the Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition Final, taking place in Miami, USA in early-May 2020.

Find out more about each finalist and their cocktail here:

Adam Dow – Dead Ringer, NSW


Mikey Braun – Bodriggy Brewing Co, VIC


Natalie Ng – Door Knock, NSW


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