Bulletin Place to host Silk and Grit exhibition

Bulletin Place bar in Sydney is hosting a hospitality-focused photographic series called “Silk and Grit” featuring pictures from photographer Lucy Pallet-Jones.

The exhibition, which is presented by Bombay Sapphire and created in collaboration with Bulletin Place and its team, explores Australia’s hospitality industry on black and white film.

Bulletin Place’s Alex Gondzioulis has created a special menu for the event, which will feature Bombay Sapphire and will also explore the themes of the Silt and Grit series. In addition to the menu, Pallet-Jones said the Bulletin Place space will be transformed for the exhibition.

“We’re turning it into a bartender’s gallery. This exhibition is about creating a powerful space which showcases our industry.”

The Silk and Grit series started last year and it aims to not only show the beauty of bartending, but also acknowledge the hardships of its community.

Pallet-Jones adds: “This series is about the people who create the detail, and the detail itself,” says Pallett-Jones. “This is our world, photographed from the bar top.”

Bartenders and industry professionals around the country are invited to attend the exhibition, which will run from 6pm to 9pm on Sunday 22 March.

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