Bars get behind Check.Check.Check COVID-safety campaign

Everything and anything needs to be done right now to give consumers the confidence to head out and support bars right now, and the new Check.Check.Check. campaign for the Night Time Industries Association does just that.

Adopting a ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ style of mantra, Check.Check.Check., which officially launched this week aims to reach over four million urban patrons, particularly young ‘going out’ consumers and encourages them to play their part in keeping venues COVID-safe.

The routine is simply:

  • CHECK in with their correct details at the door
  • CHECK their hands by regularly washing and sanitising
  • Keep themselves and friends safe by keeping physical distance ‘in CHECK’

The campaign is supported by the Independent Bars Association (IBA), and calls on the public to share the responsibility for staying COVID-safe with venues.

IBA President, Karl Schlothauer, told Bars and Clubs: “The Check, Check, Check campaign is a great initiative on many fronts. It shows that as an industry we are organised and ready to tackle COVID head on and it gives consumers peace of mind to come back out to support our venues.

“Importantly, we hope it gives government confidence to ease restrictions for our venues, seeing consumers and industry work together to reduce the risk of community transmission. This is great campaign and has been mobilised for all Independent Bars Association members.”

Michael Rodrigues, Chair of the NTIA, told Bars and Clubs the idea is to get people thinking about the simple and safe routines they need to think about everytime they go out.

“In the same way venues are prepping for customers before they arrive, punters need to establish new rituals when they get to their favourite local,” Rodrigues said.

“Similar to Slip, Slop, Slap, when leaving the house it’s ‘wallet, phone and keys’ and then at a venue it’s check in, check your hands and check yourself.”

New South Wales Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney, Stuart Ayres, also backed the campaign saying it helps remind people that going out does require us all to think about the new normal.

“2020 has changed the world around us, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our favourite forms of entertainment but it does mean our behaviours have to adapt and be more COVID safe,” the Minister said.

“The Check.Check.Check. campaign is all about reinforcing those new normal behaviours that help reduce the spread of COVID, keeps us safe and allows us to safely enjoy the things we know and love.”

See the campaign’s video here:

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