Angostura Global Cocktail Competition finalists revealed

Rohan Massie

From a pool of 318 entrants from 55 countries, the Angostura Global Cocktail Competition has revealed the nine finalists that will be competing for the title of champion at the final event in February. 

2020 is the 10th anniversary of the competition, with the final event to be held at the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. The Carnival is known as being one of the biggest street parties on earth, with colourful costumes, dancing, music and a range of competitions. 

The nine finalists, including Australia’s Rohan Massie from Rude Boy in Hobart, will each mix two drinks in seven minutes from recipes they’ve created themselves, while entertaining the judges with their knowledge about cocktails, the category and Angostura. There will also be a rigorous interview, for the finalists to show they have what it takes to represent Angostura internationally. 

The bartender who comes away with the title of Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge Champion will win a cash prize of US$10,000, a two year contract as the Angostura Global Brand Ambassador for Angostura bitters, rums and Amaro di Angostura products, and revisit Trinidad and Tobago to be a judge at next year’s global competition final. 

Rahim Mohammed, Angostura’s Executive Manager – Corporate Services and Marketing, said the nine finalists represent the skills, charm, knowledge and work ethic that make the bar industry so incredible. 

“The diversity of talent the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge helps to shine a light on is outstanding,” Mohammed said.

He described the background of the finalists, noting: “Amongst the nine finalists, we have representatives from arguably some of the best rum bars in the world, high volume cocktail bars, nightclub bartenders, those working in events, to someone who lives in a small town which by his own admission has little cocktail culture to speak of yet!” 

“We have finalists with just a couple of years’ experience to those with over 10+ years, those that have enjoyed formal cocktail training to those that have been self taught, via books and YouTube videos, from award-winning bartenders to those competing in a major competition for the very first time.”

Despite all their different backgrounds, the diverse group of finalists share a common passion for the industry.

“The one thing all of these finalists have in common is a real and urgent passion for their craft, for many it is a calling, an incredible talent for mixing drinks and a great way of telling stories and engaging an audience,” Mohammed said.

The full list of finalists is below. 

  • Representing Oceania: Rohan Massie from Rude Boy in Hobart, Australia
  • Representing Trinidad and Tobago: Shana Rajahram from Trinidad and Tobago
  • Representing the Caribbean: Marv Cunningham from Aura Nightclub Atlantis Group in The Bahamas
  • Representing North America: Chad Lawrence from Black Diamond in Alberta, Canada
  • Representing Latin America: Gustavo Costa from Juiz de Fora, Brazil
  • Representing Europe: Mike Jordhoy from Lulu White in Paris, France
  • Representing the United Kingdom: Simon Dacey from Trailer Happiness in London, UK
  • Representing the Middle East and Africa: Vasile Dorofeev from Roberto’s in Dubai
  • Representing Asia: Agung Satria from BAM BAM in Vietnam
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